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Trudy V Myers

Trudy has been writing stories since at least the 4th grade, perhaps even before that. Growing up in the small town of Limon CO, she soon finished every science fiction book in the town library and moved on to mysteries, stories about animals, non-fiction books... There's an old joke about someone who read so much, they even read the cereal box during breakfast. Trudy actually did that. As she told me, "Until you add the milk, it's a pretty dry serial."

   It's safe to say that the only period of time in her life when she didn't write was for about 6 years after her first husband told her, "You write like a 6th-grader." It took that long for the characters in her head to convince her that they really wanted her to write their stories. There are a LOT of characters in there, each with AT LEAST one story to be told. And like the books she read  and does read, they are in any number of genres.

   Trudy currently lives in a tiny town just outside Orlando FL, where she occasionally runs the vacuum cleaner, diligently gives the palm trees a baking soda bath (If they lived in the wild, who would do that for them?), and tries to juggle far too many hobbies.

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We're working on this, including starting our appearance list for 2019.

Our Authors

John Lars Shoberg in his Klingon persona, Jorn.

John Lars Shoberg in his Klingon persona, Jorn.

John Lars Shoberg

John has 2 master's degrees, one in chemistry and one in information technology, so he has some knowledge of science and how science is done. It can't be any surprise, then, that he specializes in writing science fiction. Now that he's moved past having a day job, he spends most mornings writing, so you can look forward to many more books by this guy!

   When he retired, he and his wife and the family dog moved to a small town outside Orlando FL, where he wishes the grass didn't grow so fast, relishes not having to shovel any snow, and keeps busy with a pleathora of hobbies, such as pretending to be an alien. He is currently a member of K.A.G. (Klingon Assault Group, a Star Trek fan club) and the 501st (a Star Wars fan club).

Coming Events!

 We're working on this, including starting our appearance list for 2019. 


We congratulate John Lars Shoberg on the recent (May 2018) publication of his 2nd science fiction novel, Time Off!  This title has been published by Alban Lake (AlbanLake.com). To buy a copy from our supply, hit the BLUE button to find it in our shop!

Time Off