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We started by publishing e-books only, so yes, we have ebooks. To see our e-book line up, please click the button below to go to our page on

Alban Lake

Some of our authors have had books published by Alban Lake.  You can find those e-books by using the button below.

Sky Warrior Books

Trudy V Myers Has a short story in a vampire anthology published by Sky Warrior Books. You can find that one with the button below.

MoonPhaze Ebooks

Origins of Atlans

The Atlan's myth about their creation sounds un-real. The actual facts behind that myth are solid.

Every culture has its own creation myth. The Atlans are no different, but this short story by Trudy V Myers not only tells you their myth, it gives the actual facts behind that myth. Available on

Woman on the Dock

A woman chained in full view on a dock leads to an interesting discovery.

By Trudy V Myers. For generations, Atlan 'Blackbirds' have traveled in search of other Atlans,  other survivors of the destruction of their home island. Finally, one of them finds a sister Atlan. Available on

The Cave

A warrior with 2 swords is uncertain if the cave he faces is safe to enter.

By Trudy V Myers. A cave can hold all types of danger. This one holds more than its share. Available on


A young man in search of adventure.

By Trudy V Myers. A young man is off in search of adventure like the heroes of old. He finds that being a hero is much more dangerous than the stories say it is. Available on

The Stone Builders

A standoff between scientists and military.

By John Lars Shoberg. Humans and Wassarrans have co-colonized a planet, but it turns out they weren't the first to try it. And something on this planet is not very friendly. Ebook available on

Ebooks from Other Publishers

These Vampires Don't Sparkle

Picture of vampire that is definitely not sparkley.

This anthology about vampires includes a story by Trudy V Myers; "Truck Driving Women". Published by Sky Warrior Books.

The Secret in Morris Valley

Wolves under a full moon.

Paranormal gothic by Linda (NMI) Joy (AKA Trudy V Myers). A young student arrives to study the wolves of Morris Valley, which are said to be 'different'. But her sponsor decides it is too dangerous. Turns out, the wolves have plans for her. Published by Alban Lake.


When Sidek rescues Cali from a flooded river, he has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Fantasy novel by Trudy V Myers. Cali is on a mission, and she's not about to let herself be killed trying to do it. Luckily, Sidek has nothing better to do than tag along and help. But... does she really need his help? Published by Alban Lake.

Time Off

The view out of a spaceship.

When an ex-seal is ordered to take a vacation, he signs up for a space cruise. But strange accidents keep happening until he is forced to realize that somebody is out to kill him. And that's just the start of it. Published by Alban Lake.