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Myersberg Creative Team

MCT - We don't just write.


Most people have hobbies. Our authors, staff, relatives and friends all have several. Sometimes, they need to clean out what they've done in order to do more.



A lot of us make costumes for our personal use. We also make props and prosthetics to help others with their cosplay efforts.

Needle Work of all sorts


We've made pot holders, pillowcases, pocket wallets, hats, bags of holding...and we're always trying new patterns. We do embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and one is starting a new adventure in quilting!

Leather Goods


A couple of us work with leather. We've done some leather pocket wallets, checkbook wallets, and even a couple knife sheaths. We're moving on to bowls, paper trays, desk organizers, book covers...



Some of us create a master, make a mold, and then cast multiple copies, painting and decorating for a finishing touch. This includes a lot of the  cosplay props, the cosplay prosthetics, and decorative desk accessories.

Coming Soon


We frequently display some of our craft items on the table when we sell at various venues. Why not do it here, too? Bear with us as we get ourselves organized, get some photos taken... so much to do! It'll be worth it!